MJG Associates Ltd was incorporated in January 2002. Director, Mike Greogry, boasts over 40 years of experience in the

field of engineering, where he started out at Horstman Defence Systems Ltd and later being employed by Southern

Metrology. He then decided he would go it alone resulting in the formation of MJG Associates Ltd. MJG Associates Ltd is

based around 6 miles from the centre of Bath in the North Somerset area. The majority of our customers are based in the

south west, however we also boast a few customers in areas such as Middlesex & Milton Keynes. We off a wide range of

services and products which you can find more information about in the menu.


 Mike Gregory
 Hortsmann Defence Systems Ltd
1967 - 1988
 Southern Metrology
1988 - 1996
 MJG Associates
1996 - 2002
 MJG Associates Ltd
2002 - Present

 Rhys Swift                          

 MJG Associates Ltd
2012 - Present