Gauge Design & Manufacture


We understand that some standard items or gauges may not be good enough to meet what you personally require, this is

why we have our special gauge design and manufacture service. All you have to do is send in some information regarding

the type of thing you may need to measure or be able to use and we will try to offer something that would be of use to you.

We work closely with our toolroom to design and supply the best type of gauge that would be of the best use to you. We use

a simple process in which the item will be with you within the quickest time possible.

This process is below:


1) Sketch - This step is the beggining of designing your personal gauge, we would either meet with you or use the

information provided to sketch out a rough design ready for your thoughts and ideas.


2) Drawing - Once the first step has been completed we would move on to an official drawing. This is where dimensions and

sizes start becoming critical. Once approved by yourself we would then move on to step 3.


3) Manufacture - After approval we then start to manufacture this item. We send the drawing to our tool room who then get to

work on the process of making the drawing a reality.


4) UKAS Certify - If your requirments are that the gauge must be UKAS certified before supplying it to you then this is

something we can get done for you. 


5) Supply - This is the step in which you recieve your gauge / item. depending on distance away from us, we would try to

bring this item in ourselves so that we can run through with you how exactly this gauge will work for you.


We aim to work through all 5 steps within 3 weeks but as you can understand some items will take longer to produce, but

this will be in the quote provided at the start.