MJG Associates Ltd offer calibration services to suit all needs whether that is a few gauges needing UKAS Certificates or all

of their inspection equipment needing calibrating every 6-12 months on-site. We aim to bring calibration costs down if

possible with our own on-site service. See below for a more detailed view on what our calibtation services offer.

With the services we offer we have saved companies thousands of pounds through our on-site service. This involves us

coming into your company and performing all the calibration of your items that are possible and offering the tracability to

UKAS through our UKAS Calibrated calibration equipment. The way in which we can save you money is we only charge for

our time on-site, not per item calibrated in the same way calibration labs would. For example, we would look into the amount

of items in need of calibration, work out a cost for how long we would need in your company to complete the work. There are

a few different ways we can also save you money, these are:


 1) Does it really need to be calibrated?


2) Looking at the calibration frequencies you have set out.


 3) Can it be done in house rather than being sent out to a lab?


4) Is that piece of equipment used? if not, then why get it calibrated?

 What does our service cover?


1/ Calibration of all Items that can be done on site.


2/ UKAS or Traceable Certificates for items that have to be taken way.


3/ Looking after gauge management and Control.


4/ Replacing any gauges that fail calibration.


5/ Keeping all records including Certificates on computer


6/ All adjustments and small repairs